The Birth of Gearhead Garage


For years I’ve dreamed of hosting a car show but I just wasn’t entirely sure how to go about doing that. Finally I decided, rather than waiting for someone to give me a show to host, I should create my own! Over the past few months that’s exactly what I’ve done with some help from absolutely amazing friends of mine. Nicki C. from Cavern Media and Chris Frasier from Frasier Films not only have been dear friends of mine for years, but they’re also exceptionally talented film makers who helped bring my dream to life. 

If you’re interested in my latest endeavor or you’re a Gearhead looking to support webseries centered on folks just like you, head on over to and take a look at what we’ve created! We’re running a Kickstarter so that you, too can help bring Gearhead Garage in to reality. Remember that any sized donation will be a tremendous help! 

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